Travel Award for State or Provincial Health or Agricultural Department Employees

Sponsored by: Sponsored by the IAFP Foundation

2016 Recipient: Veronica Bryant, Scott Troppy, Lauren Turner, Christopher Waggener, Chun Wang

    Past Awardees

  • 2015 — Lisa Hainstock, Teresa S. Lee, Laura Matthias, Caitlin McDonnell, Alida Sorenson, Johanna Vostok
  • 2014 — Jamie DeMent, Paul Fox, Ted Gatesy, Jennifer Pierquet, Amy Woron
  • 2013 — Kathryn Bennett, Barbara Cote, Angela Fritzinger, Krissa Jones
  • 2012 — Jeanne Garbarino, Tim Jenkins, Chris Malota, Amie Minor, Brian Sauders
  • 2011 — Robyn M. Atkinson, Leslie A. Frank, Joe Graham, Christina Ritchey Wilson

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Award nominations for 2017 will open in November 2016. Deadline for nominations and applications is Tuesday, February 22, 2017.